Layers of Meaning was my blog on contemporary design and textiles arts .  It was active mostly between 2001-2007. This period  was in infancy of blogging. The earliest pages were written on a blogging platform created as an experiment by a local college.  The software eventually collapsed and two years of writing vanished into the ether.
 The entries shown below are a snapshot of one month in a particular year.

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Print Publications:

Cover article by Serena Fenton - School Library Journal
Cover article by Serena Fenton – School Library Journal

Architectural Follies(cover article); School Library Journal

Web Abstract:
An architect-turned-librarian shares a strategy for working with architects to create a great library/media center. Discusses how to be involved in the architectural process step-by-step, from the planning stage, design development, construction document stage, through the final phase of creating a punch list.

  – A Case Study In The Organizational Development Of A Digital Library: SunSITE – MetaLab -Ibiblio; thesis MSIS

Fishing For Web Treasures (cover article); Technology & Learning Magazine
Defining Information Quality; chapter in textbook: Internet Issues and Applications

 SlideShare Presentations from university lectures on design and usability

These lectures were given between 2003-2010 at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill for courses in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication and the School of Information and Library Science.