Morning wakeup with cat

Why so daily?   Even on Friday!

This is my first run at this year’s #inktober (a bit early. I’m excited).

Wakeup with Cat - ink 5" x 8" by Serena Fenton
Wakeup with Cat – ink 5″ x 8″

Reconstruction: Inktober 1

I am beginning the slow reconstruction of 6 months of blogging.  All of this began last fall when I was away from teaching, on fall break down in Eastern North Carolina.  That’s when I read about the Inktober Initative by Jake Parker and decided, ‘what the heck’.  It would be great to do a drawing a day.

This reconstruction does not reflect the exact order of the drawings, but the spirit behind them.

A few of my first inktober drawings:

Experiments In Robotics
Experiments In Robotics