Golden Circus Cat

Circus Cat # 5 - Gouache and watercolor; 8" x 8" by Serena Fenton

It’s Caturday just a little early, and I’m continuing my circus cat series.  Here’s #5. The background was selected for this week’s #colour_collective challenge, in brilliant gold; gouache and watercolor. The gold watercolor from a jar of old, now discontinued, watercolor pigment that was made by Daniel Smith.  Sadly, they appear to no longer sell the […]

Circus Cat # 3

Circus Cat #3 - watercolor, ink and gouache 8"x8" by Serena Fenton

With a background color chosen for the  #colour_collective challenge, using #moroccanblue, this is my third in the circus cat series. The cat is watercolor.  I was asked on the previous cat painting how I got the fur strokes.  Those are done with a rigger (or liner) brush. There’s a bit of ink around the eyes and the nice flat […]

Advent Illustration 2

Dec 2, Advent illustration- ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Jury duty involves quite a bit of sitting around in absolutely boring rooms.  Not so good for scanning images, but great for sitting and inking.  Also pretty good for learning American dialects.  It was a drug abuse trial.  Hours spent hearing ‘payinn’ and ‘peeill’.  Translation: ‘pain’ and ‘pill’. This is the second day of twitter’s #illo_advent […]