The Milleau - 9" x 12" mixed media by Serena Fenton

Caturday in the Milleau

July 29, 2017

Milleau (synonyms): environment, sphere, background, backdrop, setting, context, atmosphere Sometimes the wallpaper is your milleau. Another celebration of the weekly holiday, #Caturday

C.A.T Cheerful Art Thing - Mixed media 10" x 14" by Serena Fenton

Tuxedo Caturday

July 15, 2017

Happy Caturday! Inspired by my own kitty, this is (C.A.T. or Cheerful Art Thing) . C.A.T. is another page in my art experimentation booklet; acrylic, colored pencil, and neocolor crayons.  

Tiger - watercolor by Serena Fenton


May 31, 2015

I am seeing the end of the reconstruction of the past, but not there yet.  A watercolor cat painting,  IT;s that before dinner hopeful, pleading gaze.  Feed me.  Feed me! Feeeed Mmmmeeee…

Little George - gouache painting by Serena Fenton

Gouache Paintings

May 30, 2015

Two paintings done in late February 2015.  Preppy Cat was a response to a #colour_collective for a shade of orange that I no longer recall.

Home on the Range - ink drawing by Serena Fenton