Circus Cat

Working on more circus animals, this time: cats!  Background color determined by the week’s color for the  colour_collective challenge.  They named it  #maygreen .

Most of the work is done in a mixture of water media: watercolor, watercolor pencils and acrylic.  I like the idea of acrylic, but the final patina is never what I hoped.

Circus cat - water media 5.5" x 8.5" by Serena Fenton
Circus cat – water media 5.5″ x 8.5″


Working in the garden lets me consider what all is going on underground. This is a quick reflection on the unseen.  Acrylic on watercolor paper.

Excavation - acrylic on watercolor paper 12" x 12" by Serena Fenton
Excavation – acrylic on watercolor paper 12″ x 12″

African Violets

I have been using watercolor paper as the background for this series of acrylic paintings.  The paper has a nicely smooth texture for the paint that makes slide onto the paper.  I can then build up lots of color as a glaze layers.

African Violets -  acrylic painting by Serena Fenton 8" x 10"
African Violets – acrylic painting; 8″ x 10″



Summer in the South is an almost tropical experience.  Everything grows and grows and grows.  I used to be completely lost in the colors of the flowers, but now I find myself becoming intrigued by the patterns of the foliage. This painting experiments with both.

Hollyhocks - acrylic painting 12" x 12" by Serena Fenton
Hollyhocks – acrylic painting 12″ x 12″


Continuing experiments with acrylic paints.  I have been using matte medium, since I don’t like the sheen and plastic-feel of acrylics.  I could use Acrylic gouache, but I am not wild about the lack of intensity of the colors in most acrylic gouache – and there is the cost.  Why is acrylic gouache so darned expensive???

Threesome - acrylic painting 18" x 24" by Serena Fenton
Threesome – acrylic painting 18″ x 24″

I Spy

Cats tend to assume that they are invisible, but if you look hard, you can still find them.  This painting is in acrylics.  I am intending to do some larger works on canvas and gouache just won’t work for that, so I am staring to learn to use acrylics.  Transparency is the biggest issue.  Gouache gives lush rich color.  Acrylics seem to take many many coats (and I am reportedly using the ‘good stuff’ – Golden artist quality).  There’s a learning curve, definitely.

I Spy - acrylic painting 8"x10" by Serena Fenton
I Spy – acrylic painting 8″x10″

An Experiment in Acrylics

An experiment in acrylics, trying to paint larger, work looser, have flatter imagery.  I am not totally comfortable with the end result, but it did get a number of retweets on Twitter.  And it was pretty fun to paint.

Bird dreams - acrylic painting by Serena Fenton
Bird dreams – acrylic painting