Hair - pastel drawing 4.5" x 6" by Serena Fenton


August 7, 2017

Hair! My first Illustration Friday entry. Illustration Friday is an online artist community where anyone can enter and share their work.  There is a weekly theme and the responses regularly tally in the hundreds, perhaps thousands.  There is a current week’s topic (announced every Friday).  Artists then make an illustration based on the current topic. […]

Dropping-In - water media 9"x12" by Serena Fenton

Following Advice

August 3, 2017

Last night I went to a grants funding workshop.  They pounded home one thing over and over: the artist must have a consistent body of work. If you have work in multiple categories, even if you have very good work in multiple categories, you will not be taken seriously by a group of reviewers. “Find […]

Al the party cat - 9" x 12" mixed media by Serena Fenton

Caturday – Al the Party Cat

July 22, 2017

Mixed media party with cat in hat.  Lots of layers here- some glazing with pthalo blue in the final steps to make the background recede. Al, the party cat is an older, wiser cat. Sometimes all this fun just stuns him a bit. He might rather just be taking a nap.

Unbroken - ink and watercolor - 9" x12" by Serena Fenton

Happy Days!

May 9, 2017

Feeling like a witness to a post-broken-wrist miracle: I am holding a pencil and brush again and making some art! The lines have a good bit more wiggle than they used to, and paint strokes are not as strong.- but I am holding implements of creation in my right hand!  Hallelujah!

Circus Cat #4 - watercolor and ink 8"x8" by Serena Fenton

Circus Cat #4

March 3, 2017

Another in the continuing circus cat series. This one is done in watercolor and ink.  The cat itself, was inspired by a photo of a cat who is, sadly,  in the local animal shelter.  Adopt.  Don’t buy.  There are so many beautiful animals seeking homes.  

Last Caturday 2106 -watercolor and gouache 8" x 8" by Serena Fenton

Not Happy About This

December 30, 2016

Holidays are over. The family has all gone home. Tomorrow is the last Caturday of the year. Mr Prince is not happy about his party hat.

Jumping jack russell - ink and watercolor by Serena Fenton 5.5" x8.5"

Jumping Jack Russell

November 2, 2016

Fall is here.  The weather is gorgeous and it is a great time to get outside with the dogs.  Below is a quick pen and watercolor sketch of a jack russell terrier.

Giddyup - ink drawing by Serena Fenton 3" x 8"

Giddyup, Kitty!

October 6, 2016

It’s a late start to #inktober this year. I did a bit of playing with vectorizing the image, which lets me play with the line quality on the computer! It’s also the only time that I’ve used Adobe Illustrator and not wanted to slap the computer.

Toasted Marshmallow Day - ink 8"x 8" by Serena Fenton
Still Life with Pug - sketchbook page by Serena Fenton
St Catemew; watercolor by Serena Fenton
Still life Conversation - watercolor by Serena Fenton
Western Bluebird; watercolor by Serena Fenton
Pondering Alternatives: watercolor by Serena Fenton
winter- ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Goodbye 2015 - Pencil sketch by Serena Fenton
Tied up in the Christmas Spirit ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Dreams of Sugarfish Danced - ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Skating party - ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Advent – Day 10

December 10, 2015

The idea of a tiny Victorian Christmas village can be either totally charming – a bit unsettling,depending on the scale of the viewer.

Curious Christmas Cat - ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Advent surprise - day 8; ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Advent day 4 - ink and colored pencil by Serena Fenton

Advent – Day 4

December 7, 2015

True confessions: I began this on Dec 2, but didn’t complete it until last night. The 4s on the wallpaper are for Advent – Day 4

Under the Mistletoe - ink watercolor and colored pencil by Serena Fenton
Dec 3, Advent illustration- ink drawing by Serena Fenton
Dec 2, Advent illustration- ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Advent Illustration 2

December 3, 2015

Jury duty involves quite a bit of sitting around in absolutely boring rooms.  Not so good for scanning images, but great for sitting and inking.  Also pretty good for learning American dialects.  It was a drug abuse trial.  Hours spent hearing ‘payinn’ and ‘peeill’.  Translation: ‘pain’ and ‘pill’. This is the second day of twitter’s #illo_advent […]