Bird foot studies in pencil by Serena Fenton

Bird Feet

October 21, 2016

Another from my class series in obsessive bird drawing.  This time – how to draw bird feet.  Learned many things: The number of toes per foot are not constant from species to species The scales on the feet, particularly those of raptors, help to hold the prey There skin on the bottom and the top […]

Teal wing, pencil on paper by Serena Fenton

New Found Humility

October 20, 2016

For the past few weeks, I have been taking a bird drawing class at our local botanical Gardens.  I have never taken a botanical class before.  Back when I got my degree in art ed, the focus was on abstract.  Being figurative was regarded as a sure sign of  repressed creativity.  I recall one painting professor who […]

Still Life with Pug - sketchbook page by Serena Fenton
Goodbye 2015 - Pencil sketch by Serena Fenton
Lula and Her Stuffie - ink drawing by Serena Fenton

Lula and Her Stuffie

October 6, 2015

InkTober – Day 6 is my dog and her favorite stuffed animal.  Since it has rained for ten days now, we have been playing lots of toss the stuffie.

tete-a-tete - pencil sketch by Serena Fenton

September 28, 2015

Just a short tête-à-tête between bear and bunny.   I think bear might be a distant cousin to the Grayson Highlands bear from last week.

Bear - pencil sketch by Serena Fenton

Bear in There

September 27, 2015

This little guy showed up, right when I should have been paying attention to other things – and refused to leave until the drawing was done.

Grayson Highlands Bears - pencil sketch by Serena Fenton

Grayson Highlands Bears

September 21, 2015

Backpacking in Grayson Highlands we encountered the wild ponies and a family of bears. I couldn’t get photos of the bears, but here is my recollection of their portrait wall.

Sketchbook page - pencil by Serena Fenton
Character study in pencil by Serena Fenton

Character Study

June 1, 2015

Consistency is paramount for illustrators, so so I keep reading.  So I am working on an all-round understanding of my characters: front, side and back.  Character 1 (Rowena?)

Today's dog - pencil sketch by Serena Fenton