Inspiration – Humor

The post is inspired by an article in the current SCBWI Bulletin. The article is a book review of The Comic Toolbox by John Vorhuas. This got me wondering – what is funny? Dav Pilkey: Using Humor to Get Kids Reading An Audio interview with Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants and DogMan. Unsurprisingly, we learn […]

Inspiration Friday – Graphic Novels for Kids 2

Comic Journalism What’s it like to have your mom charged with murder? Combining traditional journalism research and storytelling with a cartoon format, Eleri Harris creates a FREE episodic comic.  Story: “Tasmania’s most controversial murder conviction.”  The facts: “In 2009, a yacht was found sinking on its moorings, Sarah Bowles’ step-father was missing and her mother was […]

Illustration Inspiration & Layout

Emily Gravett Drawing Workshop Demonstrates creating illustration for her book, The Rabbit Problem Emily Gravett creating The Imaginary Girl Creating the character from the book, The Imaginary. No commentary, just a peek over her shoulder. How to Create a Children’s Picture Book in Adobe InDesign Short online tutorial by Grace Fussell that shows how to prepare […]