Inspiration Friday – Just Keep Writing

Short collection of ideas from around the internet.

Mass Rejection (and Persistence) Pay Off

An interview with Kate DeCamillo revelaed, “DiCamillo clocked up a staggering 473 rejection letters within six years before striking a publishing deal for her first novel, Because of Winn-Dixie, written in the midst of one of Minnesota’s worst winters while homesick for sunny Florida.” Okay, I guess I can survive sending something out and getting one rejection letter.

Strive for 100 rejections per Year

This piece by Literary Hub gives encouragement for collecting rejection slips like badges of honor. I definitely need to develop thicker skin. My favorite example: “While procrastinating on writing my MFA thesis, I found an ancient wooden desk on the street, pulled it into my apartment, and started shellacking it with hard-earned rejection slips. It became my writing desk.”

Sandra Boynton’s workspace

I want it. The author, illustrator, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur of more than 50 children’s books and over 4,000 greeting cards has the BEST workspace ever.

Science – Like Magic, But Real

Watch for the moment when the background becomes the reflection.