Inspiration Friday – Nov 4-10

Web inspiration that get my creative juices flowing and make me get up and write/draw!

12 x 12 Challenge – 12 Picture Books – 12 Months

This sounds both fabulous and affordable. Signup begins in January. “12 x 12 is a year-long writing challenge where members aim to write 12 complete picture book drafts, one per month, for each 12 months of the year.”

99 Ways of Telling the Same Story

There are very limited plot lines. Your story depends on your individual style and interpretation. See the book,  99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style:
“The book is based on a simple one-page anecdote which I re-draw and re-tell 99 times in different genres and drawing styles, in the form of homages and parodies, and in formal experiments that test the boundaries of the medium of comics.”

 Manuscript Wish List

This site connects writers with Editors and Agents. They even offer a Genre-Name search to connect writers with authors. Once you have honed in on a potential audience, you can contact them with a concise book pitch.  They also hold regular open pitch sessions or post genre calls  via Twitter: #mswl 

Illustrator Saturday – Ryan Andrews

Kathy Teaman, in her blog Writing and Illustrating, has a nice piece on graphic novelist, Ryan Andrews. There are lots of photos of Andrews working through an illustrating, both in the ink work and on the computer.  His working materials: “Bristol board, and my absolute favorite thing in the world, my Kuretake brush pen.” His work path: “My process is pretty simple. I draw my roughs on the computer, print them out and use my lightbox to draw the finished linework. Sometimes I apply black watercolor or an ink wash on top of that. I then scan that in and color it in Photoshop by putting the linework on the top layer set the multiply.

Writing Science: Mark Twain in Nikola Tesla’s Lab

Always be open to something new

Mark Twain, a literary giant of the 19th century, tinkering in the laboratory of the great inventor, Nikola Tesla
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