Inspiration Friday – October 21-27

Short list of things that inspire me., kept mostly to remind myself of what is cool, fun and available.

Jack Gantos on journal keeping (video)

Lots of good advice and some fun inspiration – “when I write a novel, I write all the juicy sections first”. Jack Gantos is the author of Rotten Ralph and Joey Pigza books

Discover your “writing radar” with Jack Gantos

Jack Gantos shares Writing Radar, his brand new writing guide. See screenshot below, which goes along with Gantos comment that every action should have an emotional reaction.

Classic 12-Chapter Murder Mystery Formula

Keeping my eye on National Novel Writing Month, I am trying to get an outline going.  If you have never taken a course on this, creating an outline can be daunting.  Luckily the NaNoWriMo forums came to my rescue and someone published a link to a generic murder mystery outline. This is a beginning.  Guaranteed not to make me the next Agatha Cristie, but it is a map to start my characters down the path.

Online Research Using the Smithsonian’s Collections

The Smithsonian has wealth of information to support researchers and learners : online resources and experts available to share knowledge and collaborate.  Opportunities include:

Jack Gantos' note on building a story and character
Jack Gantos’ note on building a story and character