Inspiration Friday – October 7-13, 2017

This is a trial concept.  Every day, I find inspiring things on the internet.  Some of it timely, some of it eternal (if such a thing exists on digital media). My plan is to collect these pages as they show up and share them weekly on Fridays.

Inspiration Friday – October 7-13


The Hunting Accident

This book began as a story told over coffee, grew into a kickstarter and now is an absolutely amazingly illustrated book. The best introduction is probably the video at the top of the kickstarter page  Meticulously crafted illustrations and a gripping story.  See image below.

Ruth Spiro Author of the Baby Loves Science  series

Spiro explains how she came up with the idea for creating high level science concept books for toddlers – and how she keeps the science real.

Comics, An American History – Library of Congress Magazine

A downloadable 32 page magazine about historic comics and contemporary graphic novels.It seems that the library has 140,000 comic books in its collection.  A few are revealed here.  most interesting to me was the article about “Psychiatrist Fredric Wertham who headed a ‘decades-long anti-comics crusade’ This ‘anti-comics campaign led to congressional hearings and resulted in the end of entire genres of comic books on America’s newsstand’.  So hating comics wasn’t just my mom’s response…

Storyboarder – FREE Storyboarding Software

“Storyboarder is intended to be a fast and simple tool, with six drawing tools and easy-to-rearrange panels. The app is also integrated with external software, allowing for the ability to do roughs in Storyboarder, and with the click of one button, refine the artwork in Photoshop.” I suspect that the primary user is the cartooning and comic book communities, but this has lots of potential for book layout as well.

The Hunting Accident - a page in creation - illustrated by Landis Blair
The Hunting Accident  – illustrated by Landis Blair