The Pain & the Glory of Grant Writing

Dog Night 6" x 9" watercolor by Serena Fenton

I have just submitted my first grant request.  It is for funds to attend the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCWBI)  winter conference in NY. I’ve been dreaming of going to the conference for a few years.  Awhile back I began to look at the costs to get there and realized that it wasn’t going to happen without some help. I then began to look at grants.

I found a possible fit for a grant and plunged in to the writing.  I have been doing this application for hours every day this week.  It seems like it shouldn’t take so long, but yes, it did. And there is great news that came out of this process: by having to clarify exactly what I want to do, I had to fully think through the process.  I had to break it down into bite sized pieces and then define how I would accomplish each part.

To break things down, I had to do some deep research about how and why I should do each piece.  It turned out to be a great learning experience.I have a plan! What a wonderful feeling.  At this moment, I feel like it would be fabulous to get the grant and to go to the conference.  But I feel like I learned so much in going through the process. Just the mental organization is a big win in itself!

And, at the same time, I found  painted doodle from last winter that I don’t recall posting.

Dog Night 6" x 9" watercolor by Serena Fenton
Dog Night 6″ x 9″ watercolor