Right Hand Recovery

Bunny Dreams- mixed media painting 10" x 13.5" by Serena Fenton

As part of my broken wrist recovery, I have had to strengthen the hand muscles and relearn some of the motions that had been second nature. But before I could begin the reuse of my right hand, I was stuck painting and drawing for about 2 months with my lest (or left) hand.  I cannot lie, it was not pretty and it was very frustrating.

Bunny Dreams- mixed media painting 10" x 13.5" by Serena Fenton
Bunny Dreams- mixed media painting 10″ x 13.5″

During this period of uncoordination, I found some solace in a web series on abstract painting by Jane Davies Davies’ approach is very open with scribbling, scraping and rollering-off. She adds paint and then takes it away. She adds collage elements, layering cut papers and past painting into the current work.

What appeals to me is the sheer joys in color, shape and texture.

Jane Davies has an inspiring blog that openly shares methods, brands and other secrets of the trade that others might hoard.  There is a plethora of inspiration.  For the past month, I have been sucking up a bit of that inspiration and working more loosely – not because I necessarily wanted to, but because I had not choice, what with having little eye-left hand coordination.
Bunny Dreams is my first image.  More on the technique and inspiration in a future post.