Not Happy About This

Holidays are over. The family has all gone home. Tomorrow is the last Caturday of the year. Mr Prince is not happy about his party hat.

Last Caturday 2106 -watercolor and gouache 8" x 8" by Serena Fenton
Last Caturday 2106 -watercolor and gouache 8″ x 8″

What’s That?

Last week, my darling daughter reflected on the passive nature of my cat paintings. Well, cats do sleep something like 22 hours a day. But that might not be a good enough defense.
Poking through Pinterest, I was inspired by the Blockheads series by ceramicist Jennifer Bernhard Hatfield. This is what happens when a Blockhead stalks a cat.

After Thanksgiving Comes Santa Cat

Santa Cat came to visit today as I was trying to get back into the swing of things after Thanksgiving.  watercolor and gouache.

And time spent wondering why gouache turns so muddy when blending ‘primaries’.  Could be a sure sign that my ‘starter’ kit was just that: a starter.  I should probably toss the remainder and upgrade to a full set of the luscious paints by M Graham  Wonder if Santa Cat might drop something beneath the tree?  Hmmmmm

Santa Cat #1 - watercolor and gouache by Serena Fenton
Santa Cat #1 – watercolor and gouache