Meadowlark Drawing

Meadowlark - pencil drawing with model by Serena Fenton
Meadowlark – pencil drawing with model

For the final day of the bird drawing class, we were lucky enough to have access to mounted birds from the collection of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  Some of these were absolutely gorgeous.  A few were moth eaten or had been passed around to a few too many people. The dates on these specimens went back decades.  But having a bird that will sit still while you draw is a real thrill.

Look at the back claws on this baby! The name, meadowlark, sounds so pastoral, but those claws bring to mind cockfighting.  Perhaps the birds just need a really strong anchor on a branch on windy days?

The course was drawing, not painting.  Imagine how much fun this would be in full color.  I took several snapshots and am hoping to move on to the watercolors of him/her soon.

meadowlark-feet (detail)
meadowlark-feet (detail)