Teal wing, pencil on paper by Serena Fenton

New Found Humility

By sfenton, October 20, 2016

For the past few weeks, I have been taking a bird drawing class at our local botanical Gardens.  I have never taken a botanical class before.  Back when I got my degree in art ed, the focus was on abstract.  Being figurative was regarded as a sure sign of  repressed creativity.  I recall one painting professor who would hold all night painting sessions so that we could learn to ‘paint loose’.  His true preferred painting technique was to throw paint at the canvas.

It has been a huge surprise to find myself in a drawing course where the focus is on being really, really really tight.  Last week we focused on wings and feet.  Below is one of my wings.  We were encouraged to count and number the feather so that we got each one correct and in the right place.  All that I can say is that there are a boatload of feathers just on one wing!

Teal wing, pencil on paper by Serena Fenton

Teal wing, pencil on paper