Just a short tête-à-tête between bear and bunny.   I think bear might be a distant cousin to the Grayson Highlands bear from last week.

tete-a-tete - pencil sketch by Serena Fenton
tete-a-tete – pencil sketch

Bear in There

This little guy showed up, right when I should have been paying attention to other things – and refused to leave until the drawing was done.

Bear - pencil sketch by Serena Fenton
Bear – pencil sketch

Grayson Highlands Bears

Backpacking in Grayson Highlands we encountered the wild ponies and a family of bears. I couldn’t get photos of the bears, but here is my recollection of their portrait wall.

Grayson Highlands Bears - pencil sketch by Serena Fenton
Grayson Highlands Bears – pencil sketch

Piece of Cake

Piece o’cake for this week’s #colour_collective challenge.. A weekend of backpacking ahead for me – and dreams of sweets.

Piece o'cake - watercolor by Serena Fenton
Piece o’cake – watercolor

Shopping Time

It’s two weeks until Inktober. I’ve got to start thinking in monochrome again! From my sketchbook:

Sketchbook page - pencil by Serena Fenton
Sketchbook page – pencil


Autumn Chipmunk

The pods are ripening on the mimosa trees. Mimosas are the most fabulous and underrated trees in the south. The the summer, they are covered with Pink and white brushy puffs and then in the falls, they get pods.  Not sure what the leaf is from.  I grabbed it on the same walk and liked the color.  I must track that down.

Autumn Chipmunk - watercolor by Serena Fenton
Autumn Chipmunk – watercolor